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Therapy for #ActuallyAutistics and other Neurodivergents

Navigating life with less overwhelm.

Our Story

Thriving in a world that was not made for you.

If everything in life feels like it is sucking all of the energy out of you… I get it. I’ve been there. As an #ActuallyAutistic therapist myself, I know how it feels to wonder if anyone else experiences the world like you, or if you will ever feel like you “fit in”.

I’m here to tell you there is more to life than feeling overwhelmed all the time. It IS possible to experience bliss in your day to day endeavors. Therapy can help foster the change you are wanting to initiate in your life- and I’ll work hard to make it as stress free as possible.

I want you to be able to unmask here.

Focus on you.





Getting you started.

I don’t want therapy to feel like another thing you have to process in your life. I want you to be informed from beginning to end, without any hidden fees.



I offer a free 20 minute virtual consultation so that you can make sure you like what you hear!


Get Assessed.

Don’t worry, this sounds scarier than it is. We do a comprehensive assessment together so I can get to know you and your mental health history better.



We start doing weekly sessions to help you get closer to your goals. I can’t wait to help you! 

About Shelby

When I was completing my therapy training, I started to notice a trend when it came to neurodiversity. I observed how neurodivergents were misunderstood, misdiagnosed, and mistreated. I was late diagnosed as autistic, as many females are, and immediately knew I wanted to help other people like myself stop falling through the cracks.

I connect with clients at any phase of their journey. Whether you’re seeking to get diagnosed, hoping to get clarity on a current diagnosis you have previously received, or wanting to have some psychoeducation on the things you are currently experiencing- I want to help you.

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Our Mission & Vision

Our life works better when we are clear on what we stand for.

When we know our true values in life, we can follow our heart and know that we are putting our most authentic self forward.

On that same note, I always share my business values so that my clients know how I put my most authentic self into my practice.

Efficiency- Therapy should be flexible. It should be there when you need it, and available in the background when you don’t. While I love every second I spend with my clients, I know time is precious! Adjust your session frequency to match your current life obligations.

Compassion- You always have free reign to discuss anything you want with me. Easy or not-so easy, I’m here to listen to it all. Judgement not included.

Good Humor- Come see how funny I am in person! Therapy does not have to look like the movies. We can have fun and still get accomplishments met as quickly as possible. Laughter helps the time fly by!


“Shelby taught me so much about myself. I feel more accomplished than ever!”

2019 Overachiever

I needed more than the basic deep breathing tips I could find online. Investing in therapy services has been the best money I’ve spent on myself in a long time.

— 2020 Overachiever

With her help, I took the leap! I found a higher paying job, and started making moves to save for my passion- traveling!

— 2018 Overachiever

I let anxiety take over my life for too long. Now I don’t let my brain beat me up. I can let things go & still knock out my to-do list. It is SO freeing.

— 2020 Overachiever

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