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A Neurodivergent Therapist and ADHD

As a neurodiversity affirming therapist,

I want an ADHD diagnosis to be a key to unlock solutions in your life, not a doorway to more challenges. Clinically, ADHD is a diagnosis that has been modified a few times in recent years. Unfortunately, this has led to many practitioners struggling to properly identify ADHD in their clients, and some who are afraid of assigning the diagnosis completely. My therapeutic approach to ADHD is an integrative therapy that helps clients understand the differences in their brains compared to neurotypical brains. I take a look at the common challenges in each clients daily routine, and we work together to come up with solutions that will best fit their needs for stimulation.  

ADHD is among the most common diagnoses of the neurodiverse community, yet there are still so many therapists who do not understand how truly debilitating its symptoms can be.

I meet a lot of clients seeking out resources to manage their symptoms. Whether they are presently on stimulant medication or not, I work to help them decrease the executive functioning challenges they are experiencing, while also helping them learn coping skills to utilize if they experience anxiety from being over/under stimulated throughout their day.

In short, therapy for ADHD can help you feel more empowered, successful, and reliable in many areas of your life. It is possible to feel like you have control over your brain!